Friday, May 27, 2011

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  1. Tiza - Upper West Region. Tiza is a small village halfway between Lawra and Jirapa. The name is derived from two Dagaare words - Te, meaning We, and zaa, meaning all. The story, which I was told a long time ago, is that a group of people looking for a place to settle decided that the area was acceptable to "all of us", "te zaa" in Dagaare.

  2. I am trying to locate these places in Ghana Eastern Region, they are I understand to be fairly closely related settlements, for which no amount of online word or map search seems to show any results:

    1. Osuruwasi (alternative spellings Osuruasi or Osuruase) and
    2. Osuwasi (alternative spelling Osuwase)

    1. The closest toponym I have to those in your enquiry is Osorase, which is indeed in the Eastern Region just south of Akim Oda, as shown here:

      It is possible that the two place names you mention both come from a single source, as it is not uncommon to find twin names for neighbouring settlements in Ghana, often identified as - No.1 & - No.2.

  3. I read the page on the Agotimes which stated their links to the Nuer. I would like to know of the source.

    Thank you

  4. There is a reference at the bottom of the page (, namely Gati, NK, "The Dynamics of Communal Conflicts in Ghana's Local Government System", Thesis, Tromsø Univ., 2006-8. This work can be found at

  5. Is anyone familiar with Ododu St. in Agona Nsaba, and it's approximate location? I am trying to refer a Realtor to my friend's property, but the Realtor cannot not locate that street. My friend said that it is in a new site, but that is not helping the Realtor find it... We appreciate anyone's help.

  6. Sorry I can't help you on that. None of the available maps has street-level information for Nsaba. You really need someone with local knowledge. Try Ghana Community Online at They may have a member who can help.